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I am Kent born and bred with a love of words and books. After graduating in 2000 in English and Sociology, I went to Tokyo to teach English. This led to further study of teaching and a return to Japan for a second time.

Returning to the UK, I moved to York to work for an English school and after some years, relocated to Moscow to teach Business English. 

2008 heralded another UK return, this time to London for teaching and eventual promotion to Head of Department at a prestigious international college.

After 17 years of teaching, 2017 was the turning point to change direction and career path. Training with the Publishing Training Centre and London School of Publishing, I volunteered at Aurora Metro Books, eventually being entrusted with researching and editing Virginia Woolf in Richmond which was published in November 2018.

I narrated two audiobooks for a comedy-mystery writer which was an enjoyable experience. My freelance career started taking off when I was asked to create content for ELT publishers, which continues to this day. 

In May 2018, I accepted the part-time role of editor at Aurora Metro Books, allowing me to enhance my skills but still leave time for my freelance career.

After leaving Aurora Metro, I have focused more on my ELT work, with three publications for Express Publishing and other exciting projects. I also write exam papers for Anglia Examinations. 

I am still interested in non-fiction writing and have dreams of being published in a non-fiction magazine, as well as writing short stories based on the lives of some of my ancestors.

I would highly recommend him and will definitely be using his services in the future.

Alan Robinson, Creator of 'School of Roars'.

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Peter J Fullagar. Reading, UK.

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