I can offer the following editing services in a Word document, using Track Changes or PDF, using mark-up:

  • ELT Development editing

  • Copy editing

ELT Development editing

Due to my vast English Language Teaching experience, I know and understand what works in text books; I know what is expected from text books and how teachers and students use them in and out of the classroom. Through my experience and knowledge, I am aware of the ELT market and how it works - having lived and worked abroad, I have an understanding of cultural issues and sensitivities.

Copy editing

Looking at grammatical errors, punctuation, spelling and consistency is a skill I have learned throughout my 17-year teaching career. Working on manuscripts has allowed me the flexibility to use my skills for a different purpose. My remit here is to edit the material so that it is:

  • Error free.

  • Follows house style.

  • Consistent with the writer's voice.

  • Clear to understand as a reader.

  • Clearly demonstrates the purpose of the text.

Within copy editing, I can offer three levels of edit:

  • Light editing - basic proofreading to ensure the copy is ready to publish.

  • Medium (structural/line) editing - everything in light editing, including times, dates, names, the writing style and consistency of headers, subheaders and titles.

  • Heavy (content) editing - everything previously, plus generalisations, flow, clarity, tone, sentence and paragraph structure and whole organisation. Here is where I will make suggestions to the copy.


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Peter J Fullagar. Reading, UK.


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