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For publishers

Work with me to help create or implement DEI guidelines through consultation and advice.

I am also happy to take on content reviews and audits focusing on DEI, including images, text and accessibility.

Perhaps you want LGBTQIA+ in ELT workshops, talks or training. Contact me to ask for a bespoke service.

In addition to this, I can provide writing services, such as test items, exams and teacher notes.

I can also provide development, content and copy editing, as well as proofreading.

A presentation cover page, with rainbow coloured paint strokes and the title Why LGBTQIA+ in ELT matters

A presentation cover page

Peter is insightful, empathetic, professional and is fun to work with. Peter contributed to a DE&I review I was managing and his knowledge and skill were a huge benefit to the project. I would absolutely work with Peter again.

Autumn Westphal, Training and Development Manager, Global Content Standards, Pearson Global DE&I


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