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A time for change: Freelance editing and proofreading

It would be lovely to be jetting off again, but alas, unfortunately not. It’s Easter, a time for resurrection and renewal. All change in my household. In the throes of packing to move out of London and into village life once again. Harking back to childhood days, this change has been a long time coming and I want it now. I’m going to have to wait about another week, but it can’t come soon enough.

I see this as a symbolic change. Change of scenery to me means a change in fortunes. One where I can settle down and get this freelancing business really up and running. It will help that the London Book Fair is just around the corner, (as I was typing this on my iPad, it came up with Boom fair).

Starting a new venture is hard. Something I’m sure I’ve said before, and the doubts are still there, of course they are. But as each day progresses and I still get no leads, it spurs me on to create those leads and make my own future. It will happen.

New location, new fortunes?

Just before publishing this, I got sent the press release for the book I’m editing:

New fortunes!

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