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(Almost) at the beginning of the story

There will be fewer book reviews than of late, as I have been rather busy.

  1. I have just finished the editing of my next audiobook, The Phantom of Barker Mill. Thoroughly enjoyable and hilariously funny – written by Steve Higgs, not me, I hasten to add.

  2. I wrote a short story and hopefully it will be included in a forthcoming anthology. This is my first creative writing effort other than poetry.

  3. I’ve set up a freelance editing and proofreading service. Yep, trying the self-employed tack. What’s great about this industry is that there are so many people around to give advice and offer their help. What’s not great is starting at the very beginning again. A new career means the very start; but that’s also exciting too. New opportunities and a new direction!

  4. Due to the new direction, there’s a new website – Very swanky with my own domain name!

  5. The Virginia Woolf project is gathering pace. The crowdfunding has started, and the book is almost ready; possibly the biggest thing I’ve done in my life.

  6. I received an amazing couple of letters from Mrs Ann Baer, 103 years old. Handwritten letters to me on the subject of Virginia Woolf. I’m going for a cup of tea with her soon. She also features in The Century Girls by Tessa Dunlop, which I’m currently reading.

  7. Rehearsals are in full swing for the next amateur production in which I feature. Don’t Dress for Dinner is a well-written farce with a massive amount of words!

  8. The College of Media and Publishing has very kindly allowed me to continue my training after the dreadful year of 2017, so I’m going back into that with gusto.

As you can see, busy is the word du jour but I do love being busy. I see I also failed to mention the fact that we’re waiting on a completion date for moving house. It never stops!

Photo info – Miami sunset from a boat trip. Rather speedy and wet.

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