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British Isis fighters

An interesting question on Question Time tonight. Should British citizens who have gone abroad to join Isis be allowed back into the country?

A British MP suggested they should all be killed. This is something I cannot agree with. Yes, they have aligned themselves with this group, but surely an eye for an eye is not part of our society. The panel on QT mentioned the 12 year old son of the British woman who was reportedly killed. Surely it was not his choice to join Isis, but his mother’s – should he be killed too? I think not.

Germaine Greer came up with the best idea; we should question these defectors to find out what they know; gather intelligence. We don’t know much about Isis, and this would come from insiders. They should be detained, investigated and questioned. But then the question is where to detain them? Our prison system is bursting, but we need the information from thes people.


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