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Continuation: Editing & Proofreading

I realised I hadn’t posted for a while, so I thought I should.

The above book will soon hopefully be published by Aurora Metro, and I’m really happy to be involved in it, although I joined when it was almost complete. However, I feel privileged to have done some work on it.

I continue to work hard at the office, trying to get my head around Onix, a kind of database which holds details about every single book a publisher has published. Populating the information is a slow process, but I can see that it is most useful.

I’ve also bought an ebook manual for dummies, as this is something next that I need to do – again, it will be so useful, so I’m hoping to become an ebook wiz.

The Virginia Woolf project continues – I’m now trying to get the chapters fully revised and updated. Hard work, and slow, but it’ll be worth it. Talking of Woolf, Cecil Woolf has just published a short memoir which I intend to buy. Well not just published. Thanks to Blogging Woolf for the links here. I should also mention that the wonderful Emma Woolf has had England’s Lane published, which I intend to buy too.

The weekend was lovely, and I went to visit Silchester, a Roman town, and there was an archaeological dig at the time – well worth the visit.

Finally, one of my good friends has just published his website for his new business; photography, video editing and the like. The website is continually being updated and being improved. He has some amazing testimonials already! As a new, not that new, freelancer, I wish him the best.

The next personal thing on my agenda is what to do with my dissertation – Reading the Writing of the Self: A Text-World Theory Account of the Diaries of Virginia Woolf. What to do with it? Any suggestions?

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