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Contracted: Editing, Proofreading and Writing


Well, the big contract has now officially finished, and I couldn’t be happier. I got full payment! I’m waiting for feedback on the last three tests I created, and then I can make any adjustments. It is my first big freelance contract done and I couldn’t be happier.

The best news is that they have offered me another big contract, to be completed by the end of September. To say I am thrilled beyond words is an understatement. I never thought I would be creating content, but just editing or proofreading it, but it seems that’s the way my new career is going in. The contract gives me plenty of time to complete it. Especially as I am going to be away on holiday soon. A week in Scotland and then a week in Hungary. Now I feel I’m a proper ELT Freelancer.

For Aurora Metro, I’m busy working on the proofreading of The Original Suffrage Cook Book:

suffrage cookbook

which will be coming out soon. This is connected to our touring exhibition, How the Vote was Won, which is now in place at the Feminist Library near Waterloo. It will be there for the month of July before moving on again. There will be an official opening evening, accompanied by film screenings on Friday 6th July. I’ll be there in an Aurora Metro capacity, with a selection of our very best books, including ‘Art, Theatre and Women’s Suffrage’.

In other news, because I possibly stupidly registered as a sole trader before April this year, this means I have a self-assessment tax return to complete, even though I didn’t make any money during that period. Nevertheless, I think I’ve done it and I’ve submitted it. We’ll see if it makes sense and if I’ve done it correctly. The next thing I need to sort out is National Insurance, which is quite vital. Lots of things to do!

The Virginia Woolf book is coming along slowly. Too slowly for my liking, but I shall endeavour!

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