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I feel I have finally broken through the barrier. You know, that barrier that seems to prevent forward motion?

It seems to be all good news from here on in. The moderately-sized ELT publisher has approved my first sample test, and I will be contracted to create four more tests for them, which is absolutely great news. It’s something I’ve never done before, but it was quite enjoyable. It’s good to get the creative juices flowing, especially for the listening and reading sections of the test. Talking of which, I should be brief, as I have to crack on with test 2. There were a few things I need to work on which I’ll be paying special attention to while creating the new tests. Feedback from the client is excellent and I feel I can really grow from here.

My new bank account for the freelance business is now up and running, so that’s good news too.

But possibly the biggest news is that I was offered a job! A part-time editing job at Aurora Metro Books. At the moment, it’s two days a week, which is perfect to fit in with my growing freelance business. I think the split between work places is going to be nothing but a benefit, so I’m really looking forward to improving in both aspects. Perfect opportunity to learn more, do more and be better.

Good times.

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