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Exhibitions and more: Editing, Proofreading & Writing


Thankfully, it continues to be a busy time for me, which I’m very happy about. Currently, for Aurora Metro, I’m focusing on helping with the How the Vote Was Won exhibition. I was very pleased to help with some of the pop up banners forming part of the exhibition, two of which you can see some of above. There are a few venues confirmed, including:

King’s Theatre, Portsmouth, 15 – 22 June 2018

The Feminist Library, London, 3 – 31 July 2018

There are also many more yet to be advertised, but when they are ready to be advertised, I’ll of course be helping to spread the word. I’m very happy with what I’ve done to help this exhibition, and I’m looking forward to driving down to Portsmouth to collect the exhibition, and then to take it to the Feminist Library ready for their stint.

With my freelance hat on, I’m still continuing with the big contract until the end of June. I believe I’m on time, so that’s always a good thing. Writing ELT materials, especially test materials, seems to be a fairly easy transition from teaching into publishing/writing. However, I can see that freelancing is not always an easy ride. I’m currently chasing an unpaid invoice which has been outstanding for coming up to a month now. Obviously not too happy about that.

I’ve also got Virginia Woolf in the back of my mind, although she has taken a back seat recently. I must get to finishing the revisions for the book, although I wonder if the copyright issues will derail the launch date. We’ll have to see.

I never thought I would be this busy so early on in freelancing. Many thanks have to go to The London School of Publishing, The College of Media and Publishing and The Publishing Training Centre. Groups and organisations I’m indebted to include the SfEP, SYP and of course, Byte the Book. Aurora Metro have also been wonderful, giving me my first taste of publishing in real life.

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