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Growing: Freelance editing and proofreading


Kew Gardens, ©Peter J Fullagar

I’ve taken the title of this post from one of Leonard Woolf’s autobiographies; specifically, the one dealing with the years 1904 to 1911. The reason for this is that I think I’m growing, not only in reach, but in confidence as my freelancing journey continues.

A little while ago, a friend of mine who currently works for one of the big ELT publishers got in contact, as she had seen that I was trying to start up as a freelance editor and proofreader. She suggested that I contact someone in her company, which I did, and ask to be added to their database. I received a reply with an editing test, which I duly completed, and then I forgot about it for weeks. Then today, I get an email from the company saying they are happy to add me to their database. Now, I realise this isn’t a job (yet), but to complete an editing test and still be added to their database is huge for me. Who knows what that might bring in the future. I also got an email from a job post which was advertised on the ELT Freelancers page on FB. Again, it might not come to anything, but the fact that I got an email asking for a discussion on details is certainly very encouraging, even if I don’t get asked to help.

Therefore, the confidence is growing, hence the title.

I’m really enjoying the beginnings of revisions for the Virginia Woolf book, to be published with Aurora Metro. Reading through Woolf’s ‘Sketch of the Past’ as well as reading about her time at Burley in Twickenham (the rest home where she stayed a few times) is definitely enlightening. In my meeting with Aurora Metro, we discussed the possibility of holding an event at the Richmond Literature Festival in November 2018. I think this will happen, but it’s very scary and exciting at the same time. At some point soon, I’ll also be researchng Aphra Behn for a possible new and exciting project with the same publisher.

Talking of projects, the Virginia Woolf Statue Project is still continuing, and this is something I am involved with. Well, the book I’m working on is connected. We even appeared in the local newspaper. I’m credited in the article as an author. Never in a million years would I have expected to be described as that, but it’s very, very pleasing. Another project that has been brought to my attention is one that is very similar to the Virginia statue. Mary Wollstonecraft was hugely influential in the 18th Century, as a writer and advocate of women’s rights, among others. There is a project to erect a statue of her on Newington Green, and this has been gaining some great momentum. I would urge you to support both of these wonderful statue projects. You could probably count on one hand the number of statues of female writers in London, and as this is a special year since women were rightly given the vote, it seems apt that we should have representations of women in statue form, other than Royalty.

My further training with the College of Media and Publishing is going very well, and with the good results I am getting, my confidence is boosted even more. I’m hoping to finish that course in the next few weeks, and then look at more training. Considering some SfEP courses, or the development editing course offered by Liminal Pages. Everything looks so good, and I want to be able to offer my future clients the very best that I can.

It’s a shame I can’t go to the Byte the Book event tonight. Tonight’s event is about building a successful independent publishing house, and not only is the actual event interesting and beneficial for anyone involved with books, it provides a wonderful opportunity for networking. If you’re in London, or near to London, join up, sign up and go along! I can’t recommend it highly enough.

This week promises to be very busy, with the local production that I’m involved in being staged from Wednesday night for 4 nights. Hope all those rehearsals will be worth it!

To top it all off, while writing this post, I’ve been listening to Etta James. Bliss!

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