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It’s already been a good week. I finished my small job for the Japanese ELT publisher and sent it off to them yesterday. I’m hoping they’ll send me some more work to do as I really enjoyed doing it. I’d also like to put them as a client on my website, but of course, I’ll ask permission first. I’ve also sent out a few more cold emails to some publishers, asking to be put on their freelancers database, so hopefully that will bear some fruit.

Perhaps the biggest thing to happen this week is that an article I wrote on the Virginia Woolf Statue campaign is now featured on Huffington Post UK. Absolutely amazing, and I’m very proud. I hope that it spawns some debate about the statue, and I can already see that it’s having that effect. It’s mainly to let more people know about the campaign so that we can raise the money to actually put the statue in place. I’m also hoping to do more ‘Virginia Woolf Statue asks…’, as I think the Zac Goldsmith one was certainly worth it.

I can certainly see that my months of marketing myself and tireless efforts to get this small business off the ground is starting to pay off. I’m feeling much more confident about it and from here, it’s all about going higher, doing bigger and better things and enjoying it all at the same time. I never thought I would be where I am now, even a year ago.

Tomorrow would have been my father’s 76th birthday. It’s been over a year now since he went and his second birthday without him. So, my sister has organised a walk in his honour, which we hope to continue every year: A Walk for Gordon 2018. This is in association with the Stroke Association, and is very handy in their ‘Make May Purple’ campaign.


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