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Highgate Cemetery, 3.1.11

As it was bank holiday Monday, I decided to go on a little trip by myself to Highgate Cemetery in North London.  I remember going there as a child with my family, and it would be interesting to go again as an adult.  I was surprised that I had to pay to get in – we didn’t before.  However, it was quite serene and peaceful – it was nice to see the tombstone of Karl Marx again, and some of the graves had really interesting twines around them – see the first photo. Then, to my surprise, a fox scampered about the place and I was able to take some photos of him – it was quite a day! After that, I ventured into Camden Town and took more photos – see the website for these ones.  And then, to top it all, I went for a walk in Regent’s Park – a very busy, but wonderful day.

Back to work tomorrow. 😦

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