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Improving: Editing, Proofreading and Writing

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Well, it’s been quite a week, and I’m wondering what Monday has in store.

First of all, I had an article published by Huffington Post UK on the Virginia Woolf Statue campaign. I was thrilled to have it accepted, and it shows my skills as a writer (hopefully!). This has been followed up by stories on the campaign featuring in Stylist magazine as well as the Evening Standard. All of this follows on from being mentioned on the Byte the Book website as well as the Richmond and Twickenham Times. What I would really like to do now is have something published with Monk’s House, where Virginia lived in the countryside and the Virginia Woolf Society of Great Britain (who, by the way, have a super shiny new website). I wouldn’t say no to the International Virginia Woolf Society either. As a member of the former society, I would hope that they would support the statue campaign.

In self-employment news, I always knew that being patient would pay off eventually. There were wobbly times when doubt crept in, but right now, I’m on the cusp of securing a contract with a sizeable ELT publisher to create some tests for them. It looks like it’s going to be a fairly hefty project, so it will give me something to get my teeth into. And because it’s a large project, the monetary reward is rather nice too. So, with this one, as well as my other contacts, I now find I have to use a diary for the first time to be able to organise my time, which is great! I was hoping this day would come, when I would need to do this and I’m very grateful that it’s happening now. I also need to keep going on the Woolf book, as that is still in revision stages. Thankfully, that’s going to be published in the autumn, so there’s still some time for that. However, I don’t want to let it slip, so I’ll be dedicating time to that project too.

Due to this increased workload, I will no longer be working on audiobooks, unfortunately. It took up a major part of my time, and I just cannot afford that time now. Unfortunately, I had to cancel the recording of the third book, but I hope I was able to bring some life to the words on the page for the author.

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