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Inert, slightly: self-employment


My last post was full of hope, and to be honest, this one is as well but to a slightly lesser degree. The planned move, for this weekend, has been unavoidably delayed and now we don’t know when we will be moving. To quote a famous drag race show, ‘I’m shook!’. I hate living in mess at the best of times, but now it is all to be decided, I can feel the anxiety building up. Nearly all of my books are packed in boxes so I have a very limited amount of work that I can do. Especially on the Virginia Woolf book, but I think I have enough that is accessible for me to keep going.

Two bits of good news, though. Yesterday I finished a brief and light proofreading of one of my friend’s first children’s book. It came complete with illustrations too and I thoroughly enjoyed it. He’s now going to be looking for an agent and he has the contacts thanks to him being the brains behind the children’s TV show ‘School of Roars’. I know that the book will be a success and I’m proud to have been a small part of its development. Hoping to get a testimonial to add to the website. The second piece of good news is that Steve Higgs, the author of the Tempest Michaels books has asked me to record and produce the audiobook for the third in the series, the Klowns of Kent. I’m hoping that it will be as successful as the other two audiobooks I’ve done for him.

I’m slowly building up people to see at the London Book Fair, which takes place next week. I can’t believe it’s crept up on me so quickly, but saying that, there has been some distractions (such as this cursed move!). Hoping to meet and chat with as many people as I can, including Bindi Books, who are a new publisher but for me, look extremely exciting. There are also some international ELT publishers who I want to speak to, and I’ve been in contact with them to see if I can pop by their stand. Hopefully, it will be a useful event!

One other thing to mention is that my sister is organising a walk around our childhood countryside in Kent, in memory of my father who we lost to a massive stroke last year. The Stroke Association is helping to organise it, so I’m hoping we raise a lot of money. It will be on May 18 2018, what would have been his 76th birthday.

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