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Inertia: freelance editing and proofreading

I always knew that the road would be hard, and I’ve read about many experienced freelancers having their own troubles at the start, even commenting on my own posts. Most of their comments mirror my own experiences.

It is so hard to get going.

In a previous post, I mentioned an ELT publisher had responded to my speculative email, and I was full of hope. Since the second email, I’ve heard nothing. It’s very hard not to be discouraged by this and I’m trying not to be disheartened. I’ve also heard nothing from a prospect on Upwork, which looked very promising. Again, it’s tough to get going.

I’m learning one of the key elements of marketing myself, and that is to follow up, which I will do tomorrow from my laptop. Where I am currently, I’ve only got my iPad. The weeks keep on adding up with no work, and yet still I remain busy with no income.

The Virginia Woolf book is getting back into gear with intense revisions to start imminently. The play I’m in is also intensifying, with the production looming in a week and a half. The process of buying our first flat is nearing the end, and soon we will have a completion date, so really it’s all happening, and I’m not getting any money. Well, that’s a lie. I have the Jobseeker’s Allowance, which is small, but welcome. Going to their office every two weeks is a nightmare. They don’t seem to understand my position, and yet don’t seem to offer any real help. Maybe I’m not asking the right questions.

Everything at the moment is very frustrating.

I’m sure others who have started this journey often felt like this: a state of inertia. I’ve been told I’m doing all the right things, but at the moment, it’s yielding precious little. However, this will not deter me. I will endeavour to continue and redouble my efforts, even with everything that’s going on. At the moment, the vigour has taken a beating, but this is just a little blip. Others have overcome this, and I know I will.

I just wish it wasn’t so frustrating.

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