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LBF2018, day two: moving on up.

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After the disappointing end to day one, I made a resolution to return for day two, but I made sure I arrived in the afternoon. I was determined to at least talk to some people and give out some business cards. And that I did. I also wanted to catch up with my friend, My (seen above in the background) and while waiting for her, I met a new friend, Tiff – looking at the camera with me. It was lovely to meet her and talk about various things, including misophonia and flashing, but not connected (at least I don’t think so). It was also good to catch up with My, as we kept missing each other at various events and ones that I couldn’t make. The photo above was taken by Muneera from Bindi Books who I also wanted to meet. We did, but it was very brief. Hopefully we can catch up fully at the next event. This event was hosted by Bookmachine, and it was my first one with them. I have to say, I was impressed at the number of people who turned up and made it a very worthwhile experience. Thanks to all involved.

When I got home, I finally got a mini-job from Upwork. It was very small, but it’s a start. I’ve sent it off, but I’ve had no feedback, so hopefully they were happy with what I edited. I did offer to do one free revision, but I’ve had nothing back.

Another thing I saw yesterday was an assitant editor job with the National Trust. I am a member, and I love going to their properties. When I was young, my parents took me and my sister to so many properties that I forget which ones I’ve been to. It would be amazing to work with them, and I know I would do a good job. The one property that sticks in my head at the moment is of course Monk’s House, where Virginia Woolf lived. I, naturally, applied for the position and hope to hear back soon.

Talking of houses, we have finally exchanged on our flat and a completion date is set. Hopefully, that should be the end of it!

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