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Looking forward…

The above picture was taken a few years ago in Japan. This is the Golden Temple in Kyoto that I visited in 2004 with my sister and friend Laura. It’s a lovely place, very serene and peaceful…

So, looking forward, what does that mean? Exactly what it says on the tin. I recently was promoted to senior teacher at school, which means more responsibility, but unfortunately not a raise in pay – a bit off I know, but hey ho, such is life. I’ve almost finished my first week as senior teacher; now I have one regular class and other things to do during the day which has turned out ok for the moment. We’ll see how things go in the future. It will look good on my cv. I’m in the process of being trained to observe other teachers, as the other newly promoted senior teacher doesn’t have the necessary qualification, but I do, so the old senior teacher is training me up. This means that I can get all the goss that has gone on before 🙂

I’m still using the Boris Bikes, but haven’t quite done a repeat of the Buckingham Palace route yet – that requires getting up mega early 😦 not good.

But, on my bike today, riding back to Oxford Circus to get the tube, I nearly ran over one of England’s morning TV presenters, Kate Garraway and her husband. I almost shouted at her as she was walking in the cycle path, but I managed to stop myself after I saw who she was. Looking back, I suppose I should’ve shouted, because I was in the right.

Richard, I was writing this as we spoke on the phone yesterday, so I know you’re reading this in the morning – get to work!!!

And ps – it’s been 2 months and one day since my last cigarette (and I’ve been off the patches for about 2 weeks as well )

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