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Maslenitsa, London-style…and a surprise

 This weekend, I went to Cambridge yet again to have some training for examining the same exam, but online this time – therefore, it’ll be easier, quicker and I won’t have to be away for a whole weekend – it’ll be spread over a 10-day period at home.  It was quite easy, the training, and I’m kind of looking forward to the actual marking in about 3 weeks. On Sunday, I knew it was Maslenitsa, which is a Russian festival loosely connected with Lent and also celebrating the sun.  I attended a Maslenitsa in Moscow a couple of years ago, and to be honest, both events were quite similar. To the right is Trafalgar Square in the midst of the festival.  You can see the main stage with various singers, players and dancers.

 After I finished with Maslenitsa, I decided to walk down to the Southbank, where I’d heard there was a food festival – of which I didn’t find.  But I did find some people dancing in the street.  These were people from ‘Free2Dance’, which is all about a charity set up to help free Burma.  It was quite interesting to see people dancing, and especially the couple below, who were part of it, but were off on their own little jolly.

 After that, I carried on to Tate Modern – I’ve been once before, but I wanted to go again as I didn’t really get a chance to look around much as I was with the school.  I enjoyed it a lot, but there were SO many people there that again it was difficult to see everything.  However, the two images below were two of my favourite pieces.

More images of Maslenitsa can be found at this link – Peter’s Photos

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