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Matrioshka, anyone?

So, I hauled myself up from my ever-so-slightly-manly-cold sickbed today – I must’ve needed the sleep, because I didn’t get up until past midday. I know, what a waste of a morning, etc etc, but what the heck! I needed it! Still a bit sniffly and coughy, I decided that I needed to go souvenir shopping for my upcoming jaunt back home next Friday – yep, less than a week now! 🙂 After leaving the flat, I took a bracing 15 minute walk to the next metro station up, where I wouldn’t have to change lines. The weather has certainly changed from a week ago – last Sunday, we were basking in temperatures of about 30 degrees, then on Thursday it dropped to about 6 degrees and now it’s about 10 degrees. I think this is where my cold came from – going in and out of cold and hot places all the time, can’t be good for health. I take a trip to Ploschad Revolutsii, where you can see wonderful bronze statues like the one below.

I walked out of the metro system and into Alexandrovskiy Gardens to a little souvenir shop that I saw when I was with Cat. I bought a couple of Matrioshka dolls for my Mum and Nan, and I went on my way towards Red Square. Here, there are lots of little stalls selling dolls and other Russian thingamyjigs. Guess what I bought? More Matrioshka dolls! This time for my 2 cousins, my sister’s partner and my godson. I bought a lot today! Unfortunately, my aunts will have to wait until I come back in December or January for their dolls. I also bought some things for my sister and Dad, but I don’t want to spoil it on here. One of the ladies that I bought dolls from was very kind and gave me a Matrioshka key-ring for free – one of the nicest things that anyone has done for me in Moscow. So, there I was, laden with all these dolls, and I decided to come home. There are still a few things to do before my trip home, such as trying to empty out my bank account here (sounds like I’m leaving for good, but I’m not!!) and to turn them into Euros so it’s easier to put into my British account. Too many things to do….

Now I’m just hoping that this cold thing leaves by Friday….here’s hoping.

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