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Mid Pride Month

My newest ELT resource

So, it's the middle of June and it's the middle of Pride month. I thought it was about time for a little blog post. This comes off the back of publishing my latest (16th) ELT resource, She got the girl. I'm really pleased with this one as it represents another community within the LGBTQ+ umbrella as it features a lesbian couple who decided to get married. There's also a research activity on same-sex marriage.

This adds to my LGBTQ+ ELT collection;

- Housing (B2+) features LGBTQ+-specific housing

- Family units (B2) features chosen family

- Then and now (A2) features bisexual representation

- Who are you? (A2) looks at pronouns and non-binary representation

- Respecting identity (A2+, with Silvina Mascitti) looks at dead naming and why it's negative

- Daily life (A2) features a gay couple

- We the youth (B2) looks at the artist Keith Haring (adapted from LGBT History Month text)

- Sport (B2) looks at Lily Parr (adapted from LGBT History Month text)

- Sexuality and Employment (B2+/C1) updates the Taboos and Issues unit, Gays and Jobs.

This means that I have TEN resources (seven of them free!) on representing the LGBTQ+ community. Obviously, there are more I want to represent, but that will come. Of course, I'm not only representing the LGBTQ+ community, but as many marginalised communities as I can do with the time and energy I have.

Continuing the theme of Pride month, I'm really excited to be going to the Pride in Education conference on 25th June in London. Organised and run by Laïla El-Métoui, it promises to be a fantastic event - and I'm looking forward to the vegan lunch as well as the reception in the evening. I think there are still tickets, so go register and maybe I'll see you there!

I've also started the LGBT Foundation Training Academy Champion course, which I'm loving. It's good to learn more about the community and I'm learning all the time. I'm hoping to get my gold accreditation by the end of it and then I'll feel even more confident about representing my community and getting more involved in activism.

However, it's not just Pride Month, but also Gypsy, Roma and Traveller History Month. To celebrate this, I've got a free resource called Home is where... aimed at B2 students. Please do make use of the resources.

In slightly different news, I've rejoined the CIEP as I thought it would be more beneficial to me than a different organisation I'm currently with but will not be renewing. I'm looking forward to doing further training (as my original training is out of date to get to Intermediate!) so I can upgrade my membership. It's all happening!

How has your Pride Month been going?

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