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Mostly good, but help needed.


Today has been mostly good, as per the title. I took my mum for a day out down by the coast, even though it was a little bit windy. It was a lovely day out. Before that, I heard that the mortgage funds have now gone through and therefore we’re just about ready to move. We’ll be moving from Wednesday this week and I’m so excited I can hardly breathe! Moving back into the countryside, albeit a different countryside, will be much better than living in London.

However, on the way to the coast, I found I had an email from the National Trust, saying that I hadn’t been selected for interview for their assistant editor position. Disappointed is not the word. I think this would have been the ideal job doing something connected to history, books and wonderful places. Unfortunately, they couldn’t see what I could offer. Slightly devastated to be honest. But it didn’t spoil the lovely day by the coast.

Now that I’ve got a new place to live in, I feel that it needs to be a turning point in terms of work. If anyone knows of any indie publishers of fiction or EFL or ESL publishers that could do with an editor or proofreader, I’d be very grateful if you would give them my details, or send them to my website –

I’m still patient, but I’m stepping up my game now in order to find some paying work.

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