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Hopefully I’ll be able to get around to more regular blogging than the last few weeks, now that the move has started calming down. The bank holiday weekend was lovely. We had my Mum come and stay at the new place, and we went to visit a National Trust property called Basildon Park. Absolutely stunning! Thanks to the staff for getting wheelchairs for my mum so she could really enjoy the whole experience. Even riding on the motorised buggy to the house was fun.

Even though I’m officially self-employed (as a sole trader), I haven’t done any trading yet, but still have to fill out a self-assessment form for tax purposes. This being my first one, it’s rather daunting and a litte scary, so I’ve started it, but haven’t finished yet. A lot of it is confusing, so I might have to do some research.

I’m waiting on my certificate and charter mark from the College of Media and Publishng, and I can’t wait to add it to my website. I’m already being used for their marketing purposes, and I want to be able to use them, too!

The Virginia Woolf Statue campaign continues to gather pace: we had Neil Gaiman and Mark Haddon tweet their support, so that was incredible. I’ve been writing to various magazines to see if we can get featured, and two have replied. One will be taken from the press release, and the other one I’ve written. And it’s for HuffPost. I’ll have to let you all know once it goes live. We will also be at a stand at Richmond May Fair on 12 May, so if any Londoners are about, let’s see you there.  For some reason, I can’t get the link to the actual website to work. I really would love to write a piece for the National Trust, especially as they take care of Monk’s House, Virginia’s country home. If any National Trust writing people are reading, let’s make this happen. And don’t forget to donate to the campaign!

Other news: an EFL publisher in Japan, who I had contact with in March has apologised for silence since then. I got an email this morning asking if I was still interested. Of course! Hopefully something will come of that soon. Another thing I’d love to put on the website.

As the title suggests, there is movement, and it seems to be in the right direction.

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