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Nearly there…

The team at Aurora Metro and I have been working our socks off over the last couple of weeks to make sure that this book is ready for publication imminently.

I started researching for this over a year ago when I was fairly low after a traumatic year, and to see it finally coming together is truly amazing. Although there is still a tiny bit to go, I can see the final product.

Ever since starting on this project, I’ve been to Byte the Book events, joined the SfEP, visited the London Book Fair, got involved in the Virginia Woolf Statue campaign and moved out into the countryside. It’s been quite a ride. To top it off, my first short story has been accepted into an anthology called Tempest to be published by Patrician Press in March 2019.  If you are a fan of Virginia Woolf, please check out my book and events, as well as the statue campaign and the fantastic blog, Blogging Woolf. Many thanks to Paula for her invaluable help with the book, which will all become clear on publication.


7 November @ Victoria Library, London – My talk about the book.

12 November @ Marylebone Library, London – Another talk about the book.

13 November @ the Old Town Hall, Richmond for the book launch as part of the Richmond Literature Festival.

For details, please follow this link.

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