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New Beginnings


This is my new favourite place in our new flat. It’s lovely sitting on these chairs, listening to the birds with the windows open. I have to try hard not to be distracted! Today is the week anniversary of getting all our possessions in and it already feels like home. It’s wonderful.

Therefore, this I deign to be the start of new things.

I recevied an email from an ELT publisher, asking me to complete an editing test. I’m hopeful about this, because as I was doing it, I found it challenging, but not too difficult. It also invovled some writing as well. This was completed and sent off this morning. I’ve had some contact from another ELT publisher abroad, and I’ve given a quote for writing 5 IELTS listening tests. We’ll see if they respond. It would entail a lot of work to get it right, so it wouldn’t come cheaply. I got some excellent advice from a freelance IELTS writer who wrote many of the books I used when I was teaching.

Due to the move, I unfortunately missed a Bookmachine event, and I’m really quite sad for not being able to go. Looking at the photos, it seems it was a great success. However, now I’m living in Berkshire, I plan to try and go to the local SfEP meetings. I just got distracted to see if they had a specific Facebook page, but I have yet to come across one.

Training news. I’ve finally completed my College of Media and Publishing Editing and Proofreading course. I’m waiting on a couple of things back and then I should get my final grade. Hopefully it’s a good one – I’ve worked very hard!

Other news, my wonderful friend from Twitter has invited me to the launch of her next book in September. I’m very eager to go so I can meet her, and also make my way to Bath! This is the book that will be launched. It’s her second book, and numbers three and four are on their way! Please check her out, I love her writing.

Virginia Woolf book news – once again, due to the move, the revisions took a back seat, but now I have my very own writing corner (and when it’s bad weather, we actually have an office!), I’m back with a vengeance. Possibly some issues coming up re copyright, but we’ll see what happens.

Virginia Woolf Statue news – we finally have planning permission! This is amazing news. After a meeting in Richmond yesterday, including the wonderfully talented sculptress, Laury, and the spearhead of the campaign, Cheryl, we are going into full-on fundraising mode. Please, please donate to this wonderful cause and help us to fully commemorate this superb writer. After the unveiling of the Fawcett statue and 100 years since women were (finally) allowed to vote, this is a very apt year for this campaign. Please also share to your wonderful friends and contacts – we need to spread the word about this campaign.

More information here.

Donate here.

Facebook page here.

Statue fundraise

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