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Today has been an interesting day at work. After my usual lesson, I had to observe one of my colleagues, as I’m being trained in observations. I had the ex-senior teacher there as well, watching our colleague and then we had to go away and write up a report. It’s really the first report I’ve ever had to do on someone, and I feel I’ve been very harsh – I wonder what my colleague will think. Maybe I’ve been over-cautious and deliberately looked for faults, but then isn’t that the point of observations? I have praised as well – don’t get me wrong, this is a good teacher, but there were a few things…..oh shit, maybe I’m just worrying about nothing really….

After that I had a conversation class which focused on lying. It was quite fun really. Although tomorrow I’ve got a cover class that won’t finish until 6.30pm and I’ll be the only senior teacher on duty – eek. Hope nothing goes wrong…

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