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OTD In 1919

#OTD Virginia Woolf wrote in her diary in 1919:

The male atmosphere is disconcerting to me. Do they distrust one? despise one? & if so why do they sit on the whole length of one’s visit? The truth is that when Murray says the orthodox masculine thing about Eliot for example, belittling my solicitude to know what he said of me, I don’t knuckle under; I think what an abrupt precipice cleaves asunder the male intelligence, & how they pride themselves upon a point of view which much resembles stupidity. I find it much easier to talk to Katherine; she gives & resists as I expect her to; we cover more ground in much less time.

*John Middleton Murray – English writer; husband to Katherine Mansfield.

T. S. Eliot – American writer

Don’t forget our campaign –

Image by Kathryn Rathke

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