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Planning: London Book Fair 2018


As a fairly new entrant into the publishing industry, the London Book Fair is an essential. It is a perfect place to network, get yourself noticed and also to get a real feel for the publishing industry. I’m planning to get the most out of it.

I attended LBF 2017, but due to personal circumstances and bereavement, I wasn’t properly planned and I wasn’t in the right frame of mind. I probably shouldn’t have gone as it was very overwhelming. However, this time I’ve had a year to get through the troubles of last year and I’m in the process of setting up my very own business. Therefore, I’m going armed with a lot more to be able to really exploit my time there.

Today, in between productions of the local play I’m in, I’m spending time planning what I am going to do, and who I want to see. Here’s a little checklist that I’ve made myself:

  1. Ensure your professional website and Facebook page are both looking good.

  2. Get some business cards printed.

  3. Research who is going to be exhibiting. The LBF exhibitors page is a mine of information.

  4. Remember that a lot of the exhibitors will be looking to do deals, sell books and promote their material.

  5. Email the exhibitors that you are really interested in. Let them know what you are about and that you are attending LBF.

  6. Suggest popping by their stand if they have time for a brief chat and to hand over business card.

This is my plan. It might not work or have the desired effect, but there’s no harm in trying.

I’ve also noticed that Byte the Book has an event on 10th April. This is a facilitated networking session, so I’ll be sure to try and get along. There is a full list of events happening right here. Be sure to find out whether booking is needed.

I would love to know if you’re going to LBF 2018. If you are, please comment on here or on my website/Facebook page and you never know, we could meet up for a coffee and a chat!

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