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Although today has been a struggle in the working department, the progress I’ve made since starting on this editing/proofreading/writing journey has been immense. From nervously going to my first Byte the Book event (Justine will testify to this) and then to another, I’ve now gone to London Book Fair and been to a meeting with Amazon (a group meeting, not just me).

I suppose I’m half a freelancer. If that makes sense. The freelance editing and proofreading hasn’t taken off in the way that I’d have hoped, but instead, I’ve been writing content for ELT publishers. Completely unexpectedly, after my many probing emails to various publishers, I was finally accepted by a Greek ELT publisher and completed one set of ELT tests for them. They then asked me to do another, and that has a deadline of the end of September. Pleasingly, they’ve also asked me for yet another set, due for the end of October, to which I’ve said yes. Haven’t heard back from the Japanese ELT publisher after a small bit of work I did for them, but to be honest, right now, I’m very busy.

Working part time at Aurora Metro has been great, and I’ve been learning a lot about the publishing process. I’m also trying to learn about OnixEdit, which is particularly frustrating, but I can see that it is essential for any publisher. I worked on the company’s newest publication, The Original Suffrage Cook Book which looks like it should be a good seller. It was interesting to see the original recipes. What makes it different from the other editions out there, is that there are short biographies of some of the contributors to the cook book. Buy it here!

suffrage cookbook

The cook book ties in nicely with the Aurora Metro exhibition, ‘How the Vote Was Won‘ which is currently on tour around the south of the country. I worked on some of the banners and I have to say that they look fantastic.

As well as all of this, I’m working furiously on Virginia Woolf in Richmond, which many of you know I’ve been working on for some time. It’s due to be published this autumn, with a launch at the Richmond Literature Festival. The last few chapters I’ve revised I’m extremely happy with, and I’m going to be very excited to share it with the world. There are also some London library events lined up to help promote it.

Goodreads author page. It’s rather empty at the moment, but I’m hoping to work on that and also my website to keep things up to date. I’m hoping to be selected for an anthology, due to be published next year, for which I’ve written a short story. If I get in, I’ll let you know.

Finally, don’t forget the Virginia Woolf Statue project. The book is closely related to that, so don’t forget to donate. If you need any further convincing, have a look at my article for the Huffington Post UK Blog.

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