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Remembering and looking forward

It’s a year to the day that my Nan left us.

I still think of her, and wonder how she’s doing wherever she is.  I know that a drink won’t be far from her hands!  A little while ago, I finished typing up her handwritten mini-memoirs, which was a pleasure to read – she lived such an interesting life.  Little did I know that she used to work in the same street as the big Gherkin building in London – quite crazy considering that it’s now quite a famous area in the city.

Hence, I am having a drink to celebrate the life of my wonderful Nan – tomorrow, I’ll be visiting her and her sister with my parents to see how she’s getting on.

I’ve been talking about the VSO quite a lot lately, but it appears that I’ve changed my mind.  I  believe that now I’m going to go back to Japan.  Madness, but Japan has never really left me – it made a huge impression on me and my soul, and maybe it’s where I’m destined to be right now.  Therefore, I’m making inquiries about how to get back, and it looks like I’ll be back there before Christmas, probably.

There’s a few things I need to do before leaving London though – make my way up the Shard; revisit Wimbledon museum, with a tour…and numerous other things that I can’t think of right now.

Oh, and I’m off to the island of Madeira in September – lucky me!

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