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Reported Missing, Sarah Wray

It says on the front cover of this novel that it’s a gripping psychological thriller – I couldn’t agree more. Even though the protagonist, Rebecca, is experiencing an absolutely horrific time, I really enjoyed reading the descriptions of the dark, psychological moments of terror that creep upon her. I found the writing to be very effective, and I was really invested in the story to find out what had happened.

Rebecca, as the main character, wasn’t always particularly likeable all the time, regarding some of her behaviour; however, considering the circumstances, I feel that she was written with great realism. I felt a good connection to Julie, and found her to be a very believable, down-to-earth and likeable character. I enjoyed the scenes she was in. Jeannie I also found it hard to like all the time, but seeing one of her friends go through this trauma can be forgiven. Even though I wasn’t a fan all the time, the characters were extremely well formed.

I really enjoyed the twist towards the end – I knew something was up, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I still have questions I want answers to though! But this tells me that it has been written well; leaving the reader wanting more – it shows an investment in the plot on the part of the reader.

For her first fiction attempt, I think this is a triumph, and I shall be looking to get book 2, which is also out this year.

I also want to comment on the quality of the physical book itself; the cover has a distinct feel to it, and I liked the feel of the pages and the style of the text.

Reported Missing is published by bookouture, and is available from their website or any good independent bookshop.

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