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assorted hot air balloons photo during sunset

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I love balloons. Not really the small ones, but ballooning. I’ve only been up once, for my late father’s 70th birthday. It was incredible to rise above the houses and countryside below in our home county. It was surprisingly quiet and serene, and I fully recommend it to anyone. I’m not a fan of heights, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, even if the landing was a bit bumpy.

I’ve chosen this image to represent where I am at the moment: on the rise. It’s certainly been a whirlwind few weeks. I’m really enjoying my part-time role at Aurora Metro. Even after one week, I’m starting to feel comfortable and fairly safe in the knowledge about what I’m doing. I’m sure there will be more challenges ahead though, but I’m ready to face them! In fact, there’s a Twitter competition at the moment to win a copy of the Virginia Prize Winner of 2009, Pomegranate Sky by Louise Soraya Black. It ends on Sunday, so get your retweets and follows in fast!


As part of my role at Aurora Metro, I’ll be attending a fantastic event on 23rd June 2018: ‘Pulling No Punches: East Asian Voices’ at SOAS in London. Many thanks to everybody involved in making this possible, and also to Justine from Byte the Book for sharing my post! Aurora Metro post here.

My freelance work continues to happen, which is absolutely super. I’ve now received first payment from my long-term contract for content creation of ELT test materials, so I’m very happy about that. It seems that the company would like a longer collaboration with me, which I’d be more than happy to do.

Things are looking good, and I’m happy I can keep updating my own website!

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