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Rising: Freelance editing and proofreading


It has been rather a momentous week.

I learned that I achieved a distinction in the College of Media and Publishing course, Editing and Proofreading. I can’t quite believe it. I started the course way back in 2016 and had completed the first assignment. Then, in 2017, the sudden death of my father and the news of being made redundant were complete shocks. In order to process what was going on, I suppose I needed some time out to find out what was happening. Through this, the course got forgotten. Once I had started getting back on track and had already completed some other training, I decided to go back to the CMP course. It was well-designed with excellent tutors and feedback. Besides, I didn’t like leaving it unfinished. Therefore, I enrolled again, continued from where I had finished and here we are, a couple of months later. With a distinction. Amazing. It means I can now use the following Charter Marks:

Of course, a requirement of me using these is to link to the course I achieved them with. Hopefully, the images are hyperlinked, but if not, here is the link to the course. I’m also wondering how I can add them to my Facebook page.

Following on from the Japanese ELT publisher, I indeed received some documents related to content creation, and I am now working on my first project with them. Hopefully it will be the first of many. The good thing is that it’s thoroughly enjoyable. Secondly, I’ve got a small proofreading test (paid) with a law firm in Kazakhstan, who contacted me through my website. Another tick to add to the box. I’ve also cold emailed a few indie publishers who have recently been found on my radar, and I’m getting some lovely responses – we’ll see if anything comes from those.

The Virginia Woolf Statue campaign was at the Richmond May Fair on Saturday 12th May:

In pride of place on the table is the small scale model of the statue. We did very well and even had Zac Goldsmith MP come for a visit. It was sunny to begin with, but then it started to rain. However, we had a good flow of people come to see us, with the majority absolutely loving the scale model. It was a good day, but I was happy to get back home to Berkshire in the dry and warm!

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