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Oh, how the luck continues.

Today, Friday, my roomie and I are stuck in our flat. We can’t get out – literally. We have 3 elevators. Two, with a call button, aren’t working. There’s a third elevator that is working, but we can’t call it. We tried to call our security people downstairs, but we’ve been given the wrong number. Now, you would think that we could just take the stairs. Wrong!! There are no stairs, and this is quite worrying. Therefore, we have both missed our first classes, which we won’t get paid for, all because we can’t get out of the flat. It just seems incomprehensible. What is with this country????????????


The security guard came and took my roomie downstairs – we were given the phone number, but it’s the same as before, so I hope I can get out later. We found the stairs, but the door is locked. Good, eh?

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