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The Conclusion

The small English boy got what he wanted. After hearing from Londinium confirming that the 3 week window was just fine, the last thing he had to do was go talk to the big boss in Moscovia.

He gathered himself together, and bit the bullet. He took the metro from his dwelling into the centre of Moscovia and made his way to the employer place of big boss.

He gingerly entered the big boss office, and was greeted with a smile;

‘Three weeks, then?’ big boss said immediately.

‘Yes; sorry’, the small English boy replied.

Easy as that.


So there you have it – it was as simple as that. He wasn’t angry at all, just disappointed that it had come to this. I think he realised that he was losing a good teacher and he could do nothing about it; he couldn’t, and can’t, offer me what the London company can, but I am thankful for everything that this company has done for me. I wouldn’t be where I am going now without their help. They have made me realise that I do have the ability and that I am a good teacher, contrary to what I thought before. I just needed a little bit of self-belief. And now I’m going to get some better qualifications that will make me into an even better teacher, on even better salaries, with even better opportunities for the future. I cannot imagine a better opportunity than the one I have just taken. This is what was meant to happen – I know it now. I can even get my master’s degree with this company. I am amazed, so pleased and so thankful. Nothing could be better.

Nothing could be better.

The only thing is that I will be leaving some fantastic people behind. But life is life, isn’t it. I couldn’t have asked for better friends here in Moscow, and one person I should mention is Anna. I won’t write too much on here, because she’ll read it and cry. She knows what she’s done for me.

And I think I should leave it there.

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