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The Journey, not the arrival, matters


Yet again, I have stolen my title from a volume of Leonard Woolf’s autobiography. This is from the volume that looks from 1939 to 1969 and deals with the death of his wife, Virginia. Even though it isn’t particularly relevant to my research on Virginia and her life in Richmond, as a reader, I’ve only seen the letters and diary entries that Virginia made just before her suicide. As Leonard was such a major part of her life, I wanted to see how he dealt with the loss, just as I am seeing how Virginia herself dealt with the losses of her mother and father in Sketch of the Past and Reminiscences. The publication date for the book has been pushed back to allow me time to revise, add and make adjustments to the manuscript.

I had an excellent meeting yesterday with Aurora Metro regarding the Virginia Woolf Statue project. It’s been decided to start a Twitter page, so that’s what I’ve done. Obviously, it’s rather empty at the moment, but with help from other admins, I’m sure it will start to get populated. This will be populated in conjunction with the Facebook page.

In other exciting news, I will also be working on a project surrounding Aphra Behn and drama, in collaboration with Aurora Metro. More on that to come in the future.


I’m getting some responses to my emails about attending the London Book Fair in the hope that I can meet some publishers that I’m interested in for freelance work. However, I know that my presence at the fair is probably the biggest thing I can do, so I will be going armed with stacks of business cards. Hoping to bump into some people from Byte the Book as well as the SfEP.

The local play I was in has now finished, and I’m relieved that I don’t have to remember lines anymore and that my bruises are now starting to heal. However, there’s always a sense of sadness when something finishes. Saying that though, there are bigger changes on the horizon and I’m looking forward to meeting them!

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