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The Reflection Trilogy

Remember I told you about this ‘Reflection’ series of poems that I was working on? Well, here are the three that I already have:

The Reflection

Look deep into the water, an image for me to see echoing back my personality. The wind taunts and moves it so distorts my haunting jaw-line. Taken aback I sit on the shore line. Do I want to see again? Do I want to see my face at new angles distorted by this place? Go and take another look I’m afraid of what I’ll see Why am I so scared of what’s so clearly me? Tentative, steady looking, the water dances for me shows me my face as what I’d like to see. Stand up and breathe the fresh air I’m happy with what I’ve seen. Water cares not, it never knows I’ve been.

The Second Reflection

Here I am again looking in the lake wonder if my life since then has changed my future fate? Need to see me twice peering in to see what’s happened to the water? I’m draining facially. Nothing but the rocks, I cannot see my head. Water’s drifting over me, I’m resting on the bed. Now I understand, plain for you to see. Immersed under the water and drowning gradually. Worried yet serene float and glide away water is just taking me toward my judgement day.

The Third Reflection

Four years have swiftly passed since I last looked in the lake. Looking here again to cure this reasonable ache. The water seems so cloudy and doesn’t want to clear. The waters stays opaque, the solution won’t appear. Searching in the depths I look for a positive sign. The illusion starts to form but the face there isn’t mine. It isn’t me at all, just a shallow, dark hole. Search deeper and deeper, is this my blackened soul? Step back from the water I cannot see it more. Gather my thoughts, confused and stagger from the shore.

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