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Woolf revisions


This is the state of my kitchen table, and it’s been like it all day. I am thrusting myself into further Woolf revisions for the book which is due out later this year from Aurora Metro. I’m really hoping that the revisions I’m going to make will ensure that this book is the best I could have done it. I have some excellent guidance from Cheryl at Aurora Metro, and it’s great to be able to go into more detail concerning Woolf and the decade she lived in Richmond. I can’t see that there is another book in the market that focuses on this time in Woolf’s life, so I think it’s going to be a great book to add to the huge collection of Woolf work out there.

One sneaky anecdote that I’ll share is the times that Virginia spent in Burley, Cambridge Park in Twickenham. This was, in essence, a rest home for female lunatics and Virginia was sent there on more than one occasion. However, the proprietor, a Miss Thomas, appears to become more involved with Woolf’s life than being a resident at the home. I’m not too sure that this would have happened in today’s society, but it shows, to an extent, how Virginia could charm the people that she met. This will, of course, be discussed more in the book.

You can check out Aurora Metro at the London Book Fair, and Cheryl will be on a panel discussing YA fiction and translation, right here. As well as that, the Virginia Woolf Statue project is also getting underway, and I’m a full supporter. Please see this and also donate here.

Another thing that I have been working on is the audiobook for The Phantom of Barker Mill which is now for sale. Check out the author’s website here. I’m thrilled that the books and audio are gathering pace, and I would certainly recommend them for anyone who likes a laugh, accompanied by paranormal goings on. I have been honoured to be able to narrate these books, and am pleased to hear that there are more on the way. Tempest Michaels is certainly a character not to forget, as well as the lovely Debbie. But to know them, you’ll have to read them, or give them a listen and hear my dulcet tones.

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