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World of Onion Domes

I went sightseeing today for the first time in a few weeks. It’s strange being here, because you’re so tired all the time. I suppose drinking doesn’t help either! 🙂 I met Anna in one of the metro stations and we went to find The Old English Court, which is supposed to be the first British embassy in Russia. We found it, but only a third of it was open, so we decided to go where I have always wanted to go – inside St Basil’s Cathedral (the one with the beautiful onion domes).

I think I’d better tell you that I christened what was in my parcel today – long-johns! They are incredibly sexy and hot looking, I have to tell you. Still, they worked and my legs didn’t feel cold once – although it is only about 3 degrees outside, so not too cold anyway. Ciao for now!

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