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An ELT resource looking at home. Made for GRTHM 2022 - thanks to Friends, Families & Travellers. Free, but suggest a donation to the above charity.

Gypsy, Roma, Traveller representation

6 pages, colour, including answers and teacher notes



Ex 1 Discussion; home

Ex 2 Discussion; home

Ex 3 Vocabulary; word cloud

Ex 4 Pre-reading; prediction; vocabulary

Ex 5 Reading; note-taking

Ex 6 Post-reading; discussion

Ex 7 Gap fill

Ex 8 Language; idioms

Ex 9 Language; idioms

Ex 10 Discussion

Ex 11 Freer practice

Ex 12 Video; note-taking; discussion

Ex 13 Discussion

Ex 14 Writing


Teacher notes and answers


Home is where...

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