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An inclusive and representative ELT / EFL resource.

LGBTQIA+ representation, Age representation

This resource looks at idioms and fixed expressions related to a news story.

It is suitable for C1+ students.

Colour. 5 pages + acknowledgements + teacher notes / answers.



Ex 1 Story imagination and images

Ex 2 Presenting story

Ex 3 News story reading

Ex 4 Words related to the story

Ex 5 Fixed expressions - Had it not been for... If it hadn't been for...

Ex 6 Controlled practice

Ex 7 Freer practice

Ex 8 Idioms with time

Ex 9 Discussion

Ex 10 Listening (video)

Ex 11 Research - same sex marriage

Ex 12 Writing - opinion



Teacher notes / answers

She got the girl

  • pdf

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